Monday, January 11, 2010

Sunshine and a WINNER

To say that it's been cold here lately is a little of an understatement. This was my car's thermostat the other day at 2:00 in the afternoon. It's all part of living here. The part I hate! I remember last year panicking at the grocery store...the wind was whipping all around me, and I literally thought, I'm going to die right here in the parking lot putting groceries in my car. UGH!!!

Our snowy deck and the farm in the distance.

Big Chick bundling up for school.

Back in Illinois growing up we had cold advisory's and they would keep us in or cancel school when it got to zero. I'm not sure what the guideline is, but here they go out in extremely cold temps. I guess it makes them tough, either that or they wouldn't be able to play outside for most of the Winter. So out they go!

cope I have been known to spend hours on looking up properties in warm sunny climates, or just daydreaming of our past vacations in Palm Springs. It's amazing if you close your eyes and envision the bright sun, hear the palms over head and think heat it almost works. I can almost feel myself there. I know I'm weird, but this is how I deal;)

Honey has a quote in his office that says, Some days you just have to create your own sunshine. I absolutely love this quote. For me it's about making a decision. A decision to go search out things that make me happy and keep me warm. This week my happy, warm spot was with my girlies.

Taking time out, sipping some coffee, sharing the ups and downs of life with each other. We were only there a little over an hour, but I really enjoyed it. For me it was sunshine! How do you create your own sunshine??

Have a blessed day.

The WINNER of the custom tree is City Girl turned Country Girl.
Congrats Michelle!!!

I added the BE tree to my etsy store,
so if any of you are interested I will make a custom tree just for you:)
Thanks for all the great comments. I love you girls!!
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