Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Another challenge!

I'm becoming painfully aware that I've become lax with my eating and daily exercise. I have been really busy creating, planning and preparing for my Etsy store and in the course of that I've lost track of me! So guess what? It's time for another 21 day challenge. Yeehaw! I know your excited!!!

Here are my goals:

1.) Get 3 miles of some form of cardio in every day.
2.) Lose 5 pounds
3.) Read my bible daily.
4.) Continue with the no sugar, no soda.

Who's comin' with me?? Of course I will pig out on Thanksgiving, so fear not, but let's make some positive changes before the holidays hit. I'm going back home to Illinois for Christmas and I know I want to look smokin':) So let's do it together. It helps so much to have support, so let me know if you decide to jump on board this crazy train;) We can do it!!

Have a blessed day.

PS...Thank you for all of your suggestions with my business cards.
I've decided to have all of them made!
When in doubt pick them all right?
Love you girlies:)

Image: Flickr - quack 1701
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