Friday, October 9, 2009

Warm fuzzies

This weekend we made the trek to our favorite Fall tradition...Emma Krumbee's. They have a scarecrow contest, strawberry patch, general store and restaurant. We go every year and pick out all of our Fall decor. It's a great place to take pictures. But getting these cute pictures was not easy! We have a little problem when it comes to picture taking...


Poor matter if the sun is shining, if we are indoors or out, she almost always squints her eyes and cries. It's really frustrating and I get mad. I'm sorry, but I just lose my patience. So most good pictures come only after I have threatened her and made her cry. Isn't that a warm fuzzy memory!?

My dad and I trying on warm fuzzy hats:)

Finally a smile. Amazing what threats will get ya:)

Honey Crisp apples. They are sooo good.

find of the day...Peter Pumpkin Eater. Folk Art by Janell Berryman ... Isn't he cute in a weird strange kind of way?:)

weather wasn't very cooperative. We've had lots of rainy and blue days. They were out of mums too, so mom and I found a little farmer's market a couple of days later and hit the jackpot...tons of gorgeous mums and specialty pumpkins, even some quirky kale. Did you know you can keep kale outside all winter and it won't change? I think it's beautiful. Love the crisp temps and gorgeous colors right now.

How do you decorate for Fall??

Have a blessed day.

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