Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Dear Becky"

I've shared how blogging has opened up so many doors for me. It has led to countless connections and new friends. I've been able to share my life, my faith and family, but I also have learned about your struggles and hardships too. Lately I'm overwhelmed by the amount of letters and prayer requests I've been receiving. My heart is burdened by the stories of cancer, job loss, big moves, spiritual challenges, financial burdens, sickness, depression etc... It makes my worries and fears seem so small in comparison.

I find myself lacking in the advice and wisdom department. I want to have all the answers, but my only advice is to pray. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we serve a BIG GOD. He is able. He is willing. Just lean into Him and trust. Thank you so much for confiding in me and sharing your lives with me. If this blog is for nothing more than to be an encouragement and to lift others up in prayer than so be it...what an honor!

My honey shared a song with me the other day at the gym. When I heard it I immediately felt the anointing. With all the troubles that swirl around us...these lives that are sometimes hard and imperfect, we have one thing to be most grateful for... that we are ALIVE.

*Mute my playlist at the bottom, then Click here to go to GS Megaphone's myspace page. Click on the ALIVE song to listen. It's such a powerful song. I hope it speaks to you as much as it did to me.

Alive by GS Megaphone

For some reason poor

I felt depressed As I talked to the guy with the hole in his chest

Where his heart used to be

He's dying from the inside out

Why, why?

'cause a youth without God

Is like a painting in a world with no light

Oh, Oh

So sad to see

He's barely alive

Gonna live my life like I was

70 yesterday and

God let me go back to relive
All my younger days

One thing, for sure, this time I'm

Gonna do

Man I'm not gonna wait til my life's half-spent

Before I give my life to You

I'm just so glad to be (x3)

I'm glad to be

Jesus when I'm with You
Every next day is the
The greatest day I've ever known

With God I'm alive
I've seen God take the craziest storms
And turn them into the bluest skies

But before He could change my world

I had to give Him and make Him my life

And I just gotta say

Have a blessed day.

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