Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Como Zoo

Last week, on what felt like the hottest day of the year, we went to the Como Zoo. It was really fun because first off it's free...yay! The other reason is the Butterfly House. Have I mentioned I love Butterflies??:)

this one's a little blurry. But isn't that an interesting picture? This giant gorilla laying in an upside down pose with his arms crossed. Amazing!

This is the Butterfly House. There are literally hundreds and hundreds of butterflies flying around, landing on you, tickling you as they fly by. It was really amazing to see. I could have spent all day in there.

My first collage. I used Picnik. Isn't that cool??

Little Chick had a special visitor.

is the conservatory. Gorgeous flowers in a beautiful glass house. See those big Moravian star light fixtures hanging from the ceiling? I have one as a table light in my living room. I just love them. I want to hang one in my hallway someday...

roses and daisies. I love daisies:) Makes you just stop for a second and appreciate the beauty of God's creation.

girls all had fun. I think this was their favorite spot...torturing the koi fish at the conservatory.

great summer time memory to pull out when the snow starts flyin'. What will you be thinking of when the days get shorter and the temps get cooler??

Have a blessed day.

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