Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm a little late in getting on the bandwagon with the book Twilight. One of my blogging friends Paige from Simple Thoughts raved about it, and she's a sweet Christian girl, and then one of my good friends back home Marylynn was telling me all about it, so I finally checked it out. I am totally surprised to say I loved it. To clarify, I do not like horror of any sort. I am anti-Harry Potter. I don't get into the witches, warlock or wizard thing. I just don't. So I was very skeptical about a book with vampires. I mean really? But once I started I seriously couldn't put it down.

The author Stephenie Meyer captivated me from the very first sentence. I can't believe it's her first! There is no gore and it's only slightly creepy. It is written through the eyes of a teenager and it totally brought me back to those days. In my opinion it validates young love and since I got married at 19 I can relate with that. It's a very well written love story about a girl who risks it all to fall in love with a vampire. What an interesting plotline. Her love interest reminded me alot of my first boyfriend. It was probably the bad boy, no good for me, danger quality...not the blood thirsty vampire thing;)

The book was in the teen section at the library and was very clean as far as their physical relationship. Which is a nice change. I guess I've been reading women's fictional romance for far too long, but their "innocent" chemistry-filled interaction with each other was really driving me crazy. Anyway if you want a good summer read definitely check it out. I know I'm thirsty for more:)

Have a blessed day.

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