Tuesday, June 23, 2009


a few weeks I'll be going home...back to Illinois. While I'm there I will see all of my family, my close friends and then some I haven't seen in ages. We have a wedding to attend in Chicago...yay:) And my cousin Tammy is dedicating her baby William at my Grandma June's church. All these fun activities are a great weight loss motivator for me.

I've also noticed some other motivators. I was at the gym the other day struggling to keep up with my run...about to give up and this cute guy jumped on the machine next to mine. Now this in itself is no big deal or anything, but there were lots of empty machines and he picked the one right next to mine?? Well for some reason this little whatever you call it boosted me and I ran alot longer than I was originally planning;) It works the same with music. I can be dragging literally and a great song will come on my ipod and it is like fire in my veins or something. I can feel the energy coursing through me.

(Tammy and Missy)

Another motivator is being around physically fit people. My friend Missy is a great inspiration. She is a personal trainer and teaches aerobic/weight training classes at my gym and just being around her makes me aware of my physical body. My cousin Tammy is a motivator too. She looks amazing. She just had a baby not long before I went out to visit her over the winter and she looked so tone! But there is something about being around her that makes me want to eat. Analyze that! I think I am compensating for feeling like a defensive lineman around her and eat enough for the two of us...ha;) Whatever the reason, it is a wake up call and gets me fired up.

What motivates you to get your act together??

Have a blessed day.

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