Thursday, June 25, 2009

5 years in the hood!

Exactly 5 years ago we moved into our current neighborhood. Before this my husband and I had moved around alot. This was our 8th move if you can believe that!! We had never lived in a neighborhood where people actually knew each other and made an effort to get together. I have to admit our neighborhood is special.

They go to extraordinary measures to mix and mingle. We have progressive dinners, Flamingo Fridays, Bunco, girl's night out, Halloween bashes, Easter Egg Hunts, Pumpkin carving parties, Pub Crawls, sex toy parties;) etc... They have become our extended family. I am so grateful to know them because they have made Minnesota home. What a blessing.

(I'm the one in black in the honey is the goth guy in plaid in the back.)

Halloween Bash

Flamingo Friday

Progressive Dinner

Easter Egg Hunt


So many great memories.

What about you? Do you live in a neighborhood with people you connect with? What fun things do you do?

Have a blessed day.

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