Friday, May 29, 2009

School End Festivities

Do you remember Track and Field Day??
I was little weird as a child. I never really liked stuff like this. I was the kid who always got a note from the doctor, so I wouldn't have to run...I had asthma. But if I could go back I would love a day like this...going from one activity to another, being outside with my friends. That would be so much fun.
The "fill the bucket with a sponge full of water" race. The "three legged" race.
Big Chick running! EEEkkk:)
And last but not least TUG of WAR! Cool...sign me up:)

Little Chick's last day of school.

Giving Miss Williams her handmade "bear".
We made this together and I have to say she loved it.
She was so proud.

Her teacher was the absolute best...above and beyond sweet and sincere.
I'm so thankful she had a good experience.
Yummy ice cream social after graduation.

Oh to be a kid again.
Seems like yesterday

Hope you have a blessed day!

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