Sunday, May 3, 2009

Palm Springs...Priceless!

We just got back from our trip this morning at 2am. We had sooo much fun. So I thought I'd share the week in little tid-bits. I took about 200 pictures, so it was hard to narrow down.

The Chicks loved flying. In the picture they are looking out over the Grand Canyon. This is taken in the parking lot at Ralph's grocery store. Can you imagine that??
It's just absolutely gorgeous there. Palm trees everywhere and birds. I love to hear birds chirping.

We rented a convertible and they thought that was really cool, except for the wind messing up their hair:)

Every day we went swimming and the girls were just tuckered. We did everything you are supposed to do on vacation. The exact opposite of norm. We slept in, stayed up late, ate late, ate terrible, never looked at a watch and just did exactly what we wanted to do.
It was heavenly.

On my honey's birthday we took the Aerial Tramway up into the mountains. It was very scary to say the least.
The floor rotated so you could get a 360 degree view, but it was a little much even for me.

My honey being afraid of heights did NOT enjoy the experience much. Isn't he a trooper and on his birthday:)

The girl's however loved it!!! They wanted to go back everyday.
We had to make sure to have birthday cake.

We were so blessed that there was a secluded pool right by our condo and everyday that we went swimming we were almost in complete privacy. It was wonderful. Made so many sweet memories.
One night we went to Boomers and played mini golf and rode go karts. I've never done this before. Big Chick and I loved it.

One of our favorite things was driving around in the convertible...that is until the last day when we...
Ugh..why Lord why?? It was a minor fender bender and no one was hurt, but what a way to end a vacation. We had just eaten our last meal and were off for the airport. Oh well it could have been worse right?

At the airport I happened to snap a shot of this guy. I was hoping to find at least one person wearing a mask and then I found him. It was almost like "Where's Waldo". So glad the media has let up a little on the Swine flu thing that was a real downer to hear about everyday knowing we were going to have to get on a plane again.

The Chick's on the way home...completely exhausted. Good exhausted though. We all had so much fun.
Oh I almost forgot an interesting little tidbit. On the way home we got pulled over for speeding!!! If you can believe that. The policeman was walking back to his car to write out our ticket when a truck flew past him. He ran back to our car threw the license in my husband's lap and said we got a warning. THANK YOU GOD! That would not have been a good way to end the day...get in a car accident and then later that same day get a speeding ticket. God is so good and merciful. I still can't believe that happened:0

This trip was really such a blessing. With the economy suffering and money tight it was a big splurge to do something like this. But I wouldn't trade these memories for anything. The experience was absolutely priceless.
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