Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 28 of 49

Well last week was kind of bad... It started immediately. I thought I could be good on vacation but it was NOT going to happen. I love to eat and vacation is all about doing the things you love right?? Oh and I was PMSing and you know that's a death sentence for a diet.

We all totally pigged out. See that cookie? Well I ate most of it! There were two and it's the size of your head:) So good!!
There was my honey's birthday too. What's a girl supposed to do...not eat birthday cake?
Oh yeah and ice cream, donuts, pop tarts, Chinese food, chips and salsa, pizza, french onion dip, ooey gooey Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies...oh the list goes on and on. I'm ashamed, I really am... sort of. Here I am with my blogging accountability and I blew it.
On a positive note we did go to the gym 3 times and I ran 15 miles. Unfortunately I'm not feeling like sharing my "weight loss" amount this week. So NEXT week will be better and I'm sure I'll have some progress to report. The important thing is to wipe off the crumbs, throw away the evidence and focus on the goal!

Have a blessed day!

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