Sunday, May 17, 2009

Birthday Brat

My honey out did himself with my birthday. He knew I loved cake, so he bought me two flavors to be safe. He knew I loved decorating magazines, so he bought me three to get inspired by...they were in French but that's ok:) We had a lovely evening. We ate at one of my favorite pizza places and went to see a movie. Oh and I received many wonderful birthday wishes from my blogging friends and my family...what more could a girl want right?

But for some reason I was a grouch all day though. I don't know how many times I said "It's MY birthday". I was just in a mood for absolutely no reason at all. I felt entitled to be selfish, stubborn and all about me. It was really weird and at some point I realized that from day to day I must compromise what I want alot. I think we all do this. We try to make everyone around us happy, but since it was MY birthday I felt like being a brat and having my way all day. So not proud! My husband would probably deny this whole paragraph saying "you weren't grouchy or selfish", but I know inside that that was how I was feeling. Well apparently growing older doesn't necessarily mean that you have "grown up":)

Thanks for listening.

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