Sunday, April 19, 2009

Overcoming the Clutter Monster

Today is a proud moment for me. I have a deep dark secret I have never told you...I am a pack rat! My house appears perfectly straightened and tidy but beyond the closet and storage room doors it is a huge overwhelming mess! Well it's been bothering me and my husband so much lately that we decided to take charge and conquer the clutter. {Before}

So yesterday we spent 3 hours taking everything out of the storage closet and then selectively put items back in. {After}
What a wonderful feeling. I can actually open the door and walk in now! We have so much crap to get rid of that is beyond charity that we actually have to get a dumpster delivered:0 How does this happen? I really don't's not like I'm a shopaholic or anything. But what a feeling, ahhh it's like I can breathe again!

Have a blessed day!

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