Friday, April 17, 2009


The weather today was glorious. It was flip-flop's and capri weather of about 70 degrees. Which for us Northerners makes you want to whoop and holler after a nasty winter!! So my friend Tina and I took our girls to one of my favorite places... The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum. The barn above is one of my absolute favorite views.
The girls had a ball exploring and running through the mazes that the Arboretum has. It was nice because Tina and I could sit and just catch up. When I first moved to Minnesota I used to take my chicks to the Arboretum and I was sooo lonely. I will never forget that time and it was just a real blessing to be there visiting with a friend.

I was a little disappointed that things weren't progressing faster with nature. I get a little impatient in the Spring. I want the trees all budded out and super green grass and for the most part it still looked like Winter, but I know it's coming...I hope, I hope, I hope:)

Have a blessed day!

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