Saturday, March 28, 2009

Strange Animal Behavior

Yesterday I commented on someone's blog about a beautiful robin in their tree and how I would just love to see a robin, because to me it represents Spring. Low and behold when I got home last night I had the biggest, fattest robin sitting on my front porch. I couldn't believe it. I ran inside to get my camera and of course it flew away. Later that night the robin decided to come back and knock on my front door over and over again. I think it's mating season and it sees the reflection in the glass:) I only know this because of my super smart cousin Tammy:) Anyway Spring was actually knocking on my door. I thought that was so funny!!
Speaking of strange animal behavior, my little dog Fergie has become obsessed with chewing on things she's not supposed to have. She goes into the chicks rooms and takes their stuffed animals. I actually found her standing on the table by the couch today trying to get one of their Polly Pockets! She has plenty of her own toys. I'm stumped, I think I need to call Caesar Milan for advice. She definitely knows better, so is she doing it for attention or is she bored? Any advice out there in blogger land??
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