Friday, March 27, 2009

Redeeming Love

One of my favorite blogs to visit is Beth Moore's Living Proof Ministries. She is a christian author and speaker and her blog is really interactive and thought provoking. She had all of her readers write in about their favorite book and I was amazed at how many wrote in and said "Redeeming Love, by Francine Rivers". Well I immediately went out and bought the book and read all 470 pages this week. Perfect since it's been pretty gloomy out.
I have to say it was amazing. It is a fictional love story that parallels the life of Hosea in the bible. It's such a sad story (with a happy ending) and yet one that gives incredible insight to the unrelenting love of God and His remarkable ability to love despite all of our flaws. It is really powerful and very humbling. I cried alot to say the least, to really wrap my brain around God's amazing unconditional, all-consuming love for! It is a gift that He offers to me and to you every second of every day. I am so grateful. If you get a chance check out the book. It was worth the 470 pages:)
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