Sunday, February 1, 2009

Progressive Dinner...Progressive Life

Last night our neighborhood had a progressive dinner. It's where all of you meet at one house for appetizers and then the next house has main dishes and then you finish at the last house with dessert. It's really fun and a great way to catch up with everyone after being stuck inside all winter.
(Abi & me)

(My honey)
It was during dessert that my husband turned to me and said "Where are we?". I didn't get it until we got home and he explained what he meant. It seems like yesterday we were 16, going on dates doing what teenagers do and then poof. Here we are now, mature adults, 2 kids, at an "adult" dinner party! How does it happen? Where does the time go? It's just really weird, especially since we've been together for so long to look back over the seasons of our lives. Next thing you know we'll be sitting in our rockers recalling our lives at this age...remember when??
(Jen & Kelly)
(Tina & Sara)
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