Wednesday, February 4, 2009

hunt & gather

Today was a fun day. Missy and I were on the hunt for a cheap sidetable to put in my "new" piano room. First stop was the American Red Cross donation center and then on to one of my all time favorite stores Hunt and Gather Antiques in Edina. It's located on Xerxes and 50th. It is just a plethora of all things old and unusual. If you are looking for something specific you will probably find it here.
And so I did. This is an old sewing machine table. Perfect size for what I wanted. It will go under the big Amsterdam picture and will be a great spot for my morning coffee. I'm sure I'll redo it with some painting and distressing. But now I'm on the hunt for some funky knobs. I'll post the before and after pictures when I'm done painting it.

It's a little hard to make out all of the unique items in the pictures above, but in person it's really neat. I just love the way they merchandise the antiques. It's usually in a way that you would never think to use it. Very cool and retro.
After shopping it was off to lunch at Salut. A yummy French bistro known for their "french fries". I have to say it was a really fun day.
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