Saturday, November 15, 2014

double for your trouble

I shouldn't be sitting here.  I should be working:)  There are nearly 1,000 orders surrounding me...1,000 in ten days!  How is that even possible!!!!!  How could I even begin to start working without first giving praise!  It feels like we just ran a ten day marathon.  The amount of convoes is astounding.  The number of things to keep straight...seriously unbelievable.  The ability to do this job with every single item being's a miracle.  Like literal miracle!!  We can feel His hands helping us.   

I'm always hesitant to talk about the success of my little business.  I never want to make anyone else struggling feel bad or competitive.  Because I know that yearning to start something.  I know that frustrating feeling of being a needle in a huge creative Etsy haystack.   I've been there...wanting so desperately to have my gifts shine.  To be using my talents.  To be selling my work.  I've felt that struggle...for years.  So when I talk about the business I pray you don't see it as bragging or pride.  There's none of that.  This little niche He's given is just that...ALL HIS!  I'm fully aware that FAVOR is given and for some reason it's been given to me and my little FGP family. I'm humbled, wondering why...feel so undeserving.  

Just thank you Lord for showing up every single time!  Thank you for exceeding my little goals.  For showing me time again what YOU are capable of.

From the bottom of our hearts...thank you friends for supporting us AND our giving vision!!!  Thank you for the sweet words of encouragement that come in with your orders.  Thank you for sharing your hearts...your stories.  I feel your love.  I wish I could write back to each and every one of you.  Just know you are a tremendous blessing! It's an honor to serve you.

Now I have some orders to fill...   


more than double the sales from last year!
friends that go above and beyond
spreading His love and light as a J.O.B.
feeling a giant bear hug from my heavenly Daddy
my momma who cries when I tell her 
for all her prayer warriors that lift us up
my precious family who cheerleads and gives up my attention for a few weeks...
for my little team of helpers...could NOT do it without you

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