Friday, July 25, 2014

Kauai...Queen's Bath...sort of;)

There are some places you can go and you don't have to research much.  You can just arrive, drive around, and figure it out as you go.  Honestly I think that would be disastrous in Kauai.  The few times we ate without a recommendation or went somewhere without a clue where we just fell flat.  So before we went I bought two guide books and I printed out Kasey's favorite places list.  These were life savers.

I think one of my very favorite things we did in Kauai was Queen's Bath.  It was talked about in the books, but in my opinion not enough.  I almost skipped it because it wasn't highlighted or raved about very much.  But if you go it's a must see in my opinion.  It was a magical hike.  Magical.

Right behind some residential homes was this Tarzan scene.  It looked authentically jungle, because IT WAS authentically jungle.  It was picturesque.  Packed red dirt.  Cool vines and fern leaves...a gorgeous waterfall....volcanic rocks to skip across.  I had to restrain myself not to let out a big Tarzan 

You hike down a really cool packed path, cross a waterfall, continue down a steep decline and then voila...the ocean appears and it's all hard black rock and pounding blue waves and it was breathtaking.  Now the funny part about all this is apparently we didn't actually SEE Queen's Bath.  Thank you Kasey for pointing that out:/  It was further on our left.  But it was late and the sun was setting and we didn't want to get trapped down there at night and we didn't have our guidebook memorized enough to know that what we saw wasn't what we saw.  Oh well, but that's not a hike you want to risk after dark.  You have to jump from rock to rock.  Some of them are slippery and if you fall...

Even though we didn't see the giant nature built "bath tub" that the queen supposedly bathed in I wasn't disappointed...  This view was worth it.  That fun hike made me feel empowered.  Now given, this felt impressive BEFORE we hiked another hike which I'll tell you more about another day...but still.  I had moments of revelation where I felt SO privileged...SO honored to have seen a sight like this with my own eyes.  My parents at their age probably wouldn't have been able to get down there.  But I was still young enough.  Still able bodied enough.  I was able to share it with my honey and my girls.  It was what I envisioned when I booked the trip in the dead of winter during my busiest season:))  It was Kauai in a nutshell!

Thank you Lord for opportunities to take in your glory.  Thank you for the occasional trip that takes me so far from my every day that it reminds me once again of your Majesty...of your title Master...Creator.  I stand in awe of YOU!

Be a blessing.

this man...who wearily tags along with me on all my many crazy ideas. love him SO very much!
for creatures great and small
for legs to carry me to far off lands and sights worth seeing with your own eyes
for the opportunity to bless my girls
for beauty...deep blue and vibrant green
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