Monday, March 31, 2014

the scissors broke the dam...

I'm home!  I have so much to tell you, but I'm going to need a few days to process and chew on this past weekend at Hope Spoken.  I will tell you that I was blessed to my tippy toes and that God's hands were all over that place.  It was right where I was supposed to be and that gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.

On the drive back to the airport Tamara and I had a look that we shared in the car.  It was the cocky...Oh yeah, we did it!!  We rocked being independent women. We rented a car.  We navigated Dallas.  We found our way without a hiccup.  We thrifted in the unfamiliar. WE are savvy business women;) HA!  There was a high five thrown in and a "woot woot" I think and then we made our way inside to turn over the car, check in and get through security.

So we are standing on the other side of the carry on scanning machine and I see the TSA lady pull my bag off and my heart sinks.  All of a sudden it dawns on me that I accidentally packed my leather cutting scissors:/ For most that probably wouldn't be a big deal.  They do allow some scissors, but these bad boy's are 12" long and look pretty scary. No letting them go through:(

I had to make a decision to either turn them over or go back through security and check them on the other side.  I wasn't parting with them.  They were my deceased father in law's.  They were special.  They are an important part of my business.  Apparently these scissors meant more than I ever knew.  So I was escorted to another check in point, they hunted for a box and the agent tells me it's going to cost $150 to check it. My heart immediately sunk, and as I'm telling him my husband wouldn't go for that I start sobbing.  I'm not talking a little tear streaming down my face.  We are talking full on ugly cry.  The kind where you can't catch your breath.  I was making sounds!  It's official, I've done lost my mind.

The four male agents are standing there looking at me with disbelief and compassion and I'm trying not to make eye contact because I can't believe I'm in a grieving stage over a PAIR OF flipping SCISSORS! One of them makes his way over to another woman agent...he gestures.  I look at my feet in complete embarrassment.  She takes one look at the mess I am and okays whatever.  He comes over tapes up my box.  Gives me a pen to write my address and tells me it's all taken care of.  Sweetness.  Compassion. Kindness.  I'm moved again.  The sobbing continues.  I thank them, apologize over and over and I walk away completely overwhelmed by God's grace.

The tears didn't stop.  A dam was opened.  It wasn't just the pair of scissors that had me in a puddle. It's not just an emotion filled month or a beautiful weekend with sister like friends.  It's a life time of mercy. It's a love that goes so deep and grabs me in such an unexpected bear hug embrace.  He loves us so much friends.  He cares about the little things...the intimate details of our hearts.  He has a plan and sometimes it involves a detour for us to realize how important certain things are.  Sometimes it takes takes a period of panic, to fully appreciate the blessing.  But it's in place. The ball is rolling. It's happening right this second and the revelation of HIS hug is going to be worth it all!

Be a blessing.

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