Thursday, February 21, 2013

death day

We got the call this morning that my Grandma passed away.  My mom flew back home to Illinois last night and Grandma died this morning at 6:15 a.m. in Arizona.  I so wish mom could have been there with her, but they had their sweet goodbyes.  The Lord worked all that out.  Grandma wasn't alone, a precious nurse was by her side as she quietly took her last breath. 

I really didn't think her passing would affect me much.  I know that sounds weird, but we weren't close.  My grandparents moved to Arizona when I was just a year old.  I only have a few memories of as a young girl, taking Big Chick to see her as a baby.  She never even met my little one.  But despite that distance my emotions today are so raw.  In my mind I can hear her voice.  I can see her tiny little form.  I can remember her likes and dislikes...the candy she loved...the stories she used to tell...her amazing apple bars:)  I can picture the way my mom loved and doted on her.  And that is why my heart is heavy.  My momma...

Grandma was 100 years old.  She died of natural causes.  She knew Jesus.  What a blessing!!!  I know that I know that she's in heaven right this second dancing with Him and Grandpa.  She's traded that old feeble body and mind for a brand spankin' new one.  No more pain.  No more suffering.  No more loss.  Can you even imagine?!!  Her death day is a party for her. 

We whisper the word death.  We step around it because it's ugly and painful.  It's a huge giant hole for us...the left behind.  The loss and grief consume, we feel it to the core, but she's a new creation.  Her eternity...her forevermore has finally begun.  Happy death day Grandma...welcome to your forever home.  We love you!

Be a blessing.

997.  a heavenly reunion right now
998.  the promise of a forevermore
999.  the love of a mother
1000.  a God who welcomes us home with open arms!  My 1000 gifts!!!!!!

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