Thursday, September 27, 2012


Hello friends...long time no see.  I hope you've missed me;)  For those of you without Instagram you've missed a lot!!  I literally feel like I've been around the world.  I'm not the best at readjusting after long trips.  The time difference screws with me greatly and I'm just...well...possibly getting too old for travel.  Naaaahhhh!  Totally just messing with you there;) 

I should be posting vacation pictures (I've got a ton), but I've had a post on my heart for awhile and I just can't ignore it anymore.  A lot of you know my girlie big chick is on Instagram.  Her name is bigchick7

When we first decided to let her get a phone it was an adjustment.  I mean what 12 year old really needs a phone right?  It's not like she's calling anyone, but the opportunity presented itself and we thought it might help her make friends and keep connected to the old ones. 

It wasn't long after that I found Instagram.  LOVED IT!  It has completely changed my life.  I know that sounds melodramatic, but it has.  The ability to just snap a moment and "postcard" my life...well it's almost better than blogging.  I said almost;)  Not to mention the wonderful new friends I've met and the old ones that I can stay in better contact with.  It's really aMAZing!  


With a little fear and trepidation I decided to let my big chick open an Instagram account.  I was a little scared because well you know what young people can do with pictures...not that I didn't trust her I just had no frame of reference.  And then when my people started to find her and follow and comment...a whole new level of oh no is she being exposed to too she vulnerable??  It can be a sick sad world and the ability to read and leave comments was scary at first.

It didn't take long before it started to appear...and by it I mean my girl's gift shining bright.  I would look at her pictures and be transported.  Instead of a normal snapshot of an average thing, she showed the extraordinary in a new, and gloriously wonderful perspective.

She was a light seeker.  
A beauty explorer
A sweet spirit with her innocent captions. 
A photo ARTIST!!! 
 And best of all, to my utmost surprise...a BOLD witness for Christ!!

I've had several of you mention her gift and talent to me and I have to say as a momma...this new feeling of pride is almost overwhelming at times.  I look at her and want to burst I'm so in awe of her.  I've always been proud, don't get me wrong, but when you see your children unfold their wings and innately use the gifts God has buried in's surreal! 

All of these pictures are hers.  Taken by her cheap little phone.  I wonder what she would do with a real camera and actual knowledge under her belt??

My little chick is her muse.  If you follow her feed at all you'll see countless pics of her doing everyday mundane tasks and somehow big chick makes it magical and interesting. 

And a few of her folks...which crack me up. 

The other night I sat on her bed and took her face in my hands and started weeping.  I had a complete mental flashback to when my mom used to do that to me as a child.  I had just looked through her feed...through her gift and it came.  The big tears of gratitude.  The big tears of thank you Lord for giving me this daughter.  Words of praise and affirmation covering her.  We need to do that as parents.  We need to take the time to see praise them and to be thankful for what incredible gifts they are.

Anyhoo I just HAD to share.  I'm officially a fan. My girl has me swooning and it's all kinds of wonderful!  Sorry for the sap.  I'm a momma what can I say:)

***Oh and the winners of the Katie Evans photography book are:

Have a blessed day.

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