Monday, April 30, 2012

vacation pretty

There is something about vacation that makes me feel pretty. I'm not sure if it's the extra effort I put into feeling the coconut lime lotion I wear or the spray tan that gives my skin it's glow. Maybe it's the outfits that I never wear at home that seem too fancy for every day, but magically make me feel special when we are far away.
Maybe it's the casual summer dresses or the platform sandals that squeeze my toes, but make me feel tall and sexy. Why do I save these for special occasions? 

Or perhaps it's the lack of doing that makes me blossom. The free falling of the days that remind me there is no concrete plan. We are here to enjoy every minute.   I want to bottle up that feeling of bliss...of no expectations and wear it around my neck like a gentle fragrance. 

I want to remember the wind whipping my hair.  The feeling of cool sand between my toes. I want to imprint how the sun warms my shoulders, how the laughter of my children pulls my heartstrings, and how Honey's hand fits perfectly in mine...every single day.   I want my senses to be tuned in, no static, to notice even the littlest of blessings. Yes, I want to feel pretty from the inside out...vacation pretty...even on a plain old Monday.

Have a blessed day.

551.  honey's birthday
552.  getting "it" done
553.  new neighbors
554.  lush green everywhere
555.  feeling pretty;)

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