Wednesday, November 23, 2011

thankful i'm NOT a pilgrim OR a bus driver!

One of my favorite parts of being a stay at home mom is going on field trips.  I love arriving at school, putting on my little name tag and blessing my little one with my undivided attention for a WHOLE day:)  Whenever she sees me she always runs up and about knocks me over.  Tears rim her eyes.  She's got a sensitive heart.  She gets it from me;)  Not sure why she's so happy to see me, but it warms my heart and makes me feel SO loved.

I think I'm crushin' on this one here...and he's possibly crushing on me;)  What a little ham.  The bus driver played music on the way home and this one was dancin' it up big time.  He would turn around every now and then and just pose for me.  Giving me that look. 

The one thing I HATE about field trips is riding on the bus!  Holy nightmare.  My head was pounding by the time we got there.  Everybody takes it up about 10 million decibels and only know how to scream.  How this bus driver stays sane is beyond me.  He was loving it though.  He actually encouraged the craziness.  He called it the "party bus"...WHAT??  I kept wondering why such a sweet older gentleman would want to be driving a bus full of rowdy kids.  Wouldn't it be much nicer to be home reading the paper, sipping some tea and leisurely tending a garden or something??

Okay so I'm writing this post right before Thanksgiving because this IS why we celebrate.  This is where it all went down.  Back in 1611 settlers came to this area and were ordered to find and secure a new town for the colony. 

They toiled the land.  The main harvest being tobacco.

They dressed really funny and worked HARD to live in a land that was harsh.  Imagine having to make everything.  Imagine having to kill or grow everything you ate.  UGH!  That would have done me in.  My microwave takes too long in my opinion;)  

They became soldiers and fought the Indians who were not so happy to see them.

 Uh dude cover the nip!  Can you imagine this being your job?  He didn't speak.  He just wore his little Indian garb and eyeballed me with the camera.  I wasn't expecting a tat covered Indian, but I guess they existed right??  Anyway I'm not a history buff, but at some point certain Indians befriended the early colonists and helped them out, showing them how to hunt and farm. 

In the spirit of Thanksgiving can I just say I'm so THANKFUL I wasn't born during that time.  That I didn't have to work my fingers to the bone to just stay alive.  That I didn't have to worry about Indians killing my family or starving to death because I had no supplies.  I'm thankful for a furnace, microwave, television and computer.  I'm thankful I can walk through the woods and enjoy the trees and all things nature without having to worry about my life.

I'm also thankful that one of my very favorite people/blogging friend is coming to see me today with her sweet little family. YAY!!!!!  Alicia from La Famille is my new North Carolina neighbor.  We are the closest thing to family near each other so we thought it only right to celebrate this holiday together.  We will cook, feast and then shop to our little hearts content on Friday.  I'm NOT a morning person, so that will interesting.  It should be a fun couple of days.  What does your Thanksgiving look like?? 

Happy Thanksgiving friends.
I love and appreciate you girls!

256. Alicia
257. PIE
258. mashed potatoes and gravy
259. sherbet floats
260. BIG sales
261. reflecting on all things good
262. did i say PIE?? ;)
263. HIS faithfulness...all our blessings come from Him!

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