Sunday, September 25, 2011

cozy touches

Supposedly it's fall somewhere;)  We are still in the 80's every day.  I actually want it to cool down so I can pull out my boots, jackets and scarves.  If it just got down to the 50's and 60's and stayed that way until March I'd be lovin' it. 

Even though we don't feel fallish here I got the bug to get some of my pretties out last week.  I spotted this owl at Home Goods.  Isn't he sweet?  I kind of have a thing for owls.  They inspire me.  When I was growing up I remember my grandma had a HUGE collection of owls. They've definitely made a comeback.  Wish I had just a couple of things from her owl collection. 

This is the room right off our entryway...where the piano is.  I'll show it to you later this week.  I bought this pumpkin at Target.  I love any soft lights.  I keep them on all day.  Our power bill groans, but it makes me feel all warm and cozy.

This is a peek into the spare bedroom.  Another sweet little owl awaits for someone to come for a visit;)

More soft lights.  We have a little hallway off the entry that is the perfect spot for our church bench.  I showed that to you a long time ago.  Well I found these little sconces at IKEA and knew I had to find a spot for them in the new house.  They light up this little area perfect and stay on all day too;)

This spot really isn't fallish, but Fergie looked too cute just watching me snap pictures all over the house, so I caught her in her afternoon half awake pose.  See that chalkboard on the wall??  A sweet gift from my friend Alicia.  She made the banner hanging above it too.  As a matter of fact her handiwork is all over my house.   I'm tickled pink because she's moving down here with me...well sort of.  She'll be in North Carolina, but that seems pretty darn close compared to South Dakota;)

Oh and another little fall touch.  I actually baked something this week...yay:)  Three cheers for ME!  I had a craving for pumpkin something awful, so I whipped up my friend Tiffini's pumpkin brownies.  Oh my were they good:))  Just the something to make the house feel officially like fall.

And speaking of Tiffini she just opened an Etsy store called Urban Jane.  I got my cuuuttte fall owl tee this week.  Lovin' it!  Add my sassy military jacket from Kohl's (which it's too warm to wear yet) and we have a sweet little outfit.

  So what have you done so far?  Any pumpkins and mums on your front steps yet?? 

Have a blessed day.

120.  pumpkin brownies.
121.  a warm cozy home.
122.  dinner with new friends tonight.
123.  football white noise in the background.
124.  plans for Thanksgiving.

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