Wednesday, August 17, 2011


They say that it takes 21 days to form a new habit.  Not sure who "they" are or if this is a true statement, but it seems slightly off to me.  We pulled out of Minnesota one month ago.  Can't believe it's only been a month.  Feels like we've done at least 6 months of living in those few short weeks.

Every morning when I wake up I'm reminded immediately of the huge change we made to our comfortable lives.  The trees outside my bedroom window greet me as if to say hello this is your new home.  This is where you are and where you will stay for a very very long time.  I say that because we are here.  There isn't a plan B.  If I think about that scenario for too long it freaks me out.  How in the world did we do that?  How did we decide to uproot and leave everything we knew for the complete unknown??  Knowing we would be here for like...ever!  Talk about some crazy faith, or just some major crazy. 

There is a window of quiet in the morning.  I'm still getting used to the East Coast time difference.  I can't call anyone because it's too early where my people are, so I have no one to talk to except God.  I know He loves this.  This desperate hour when I'm lonely and He's all I got;)  It should be my first inclination to run to Him, but it's not.  I need to start a routine of opening my Bible and starting my day right.  I'm just not a morning person.   

The trees are growing on me.  They really are beautiful.  As I go over the hills and through the woods...I sing that song to myself daily;)  It's changed the course of everything.  When I get in the car I can't just zone out and daydream anymore.  I have to be focused.  I have to concentrate or I could seriously drive right off the road.  That is what makes it feel like we are so far away from everything...the paying attention.  Maybe that's why it feels like these last few weeks have been SO long.  Because we can't just coast through life any more.  We have to pay close attention.  No wonder I'm tired all of the time;) 

I spent the other morning in the DMV.  I was putting it off and Honey just kept nagging at me to get it done.  It was the last tie to Minnesota.  I remember like yesterday when I went in to have the MN driver's license done.  It was raining and I so wanted to look pretty for the picture.  When I got it in the mail a few days later, I literally squealed with delight.  I think it was the best picture I'd ever had taken!  I loved it.   Fast forward to VA and the cranky government worker lady behind the counter telling me not to smile.  What??  I HAVE to smile...I look awful if I don't.  I just know it's going to be this weird half smile...half grimace look on my face.  I'm sure I'll be squealing when it comes too, but not in a good way:(

You don't realize how much work goes into moving every little thing you have and resetting up another house until you do it.  The weekends are full of hanging curtains and changing out lights.  I love lights and knew that would be a way to make this brand new canvas ours.

I'm so grateful to my Honey for working so hard and spending his free time on house stuff.  I know that's not really his thing.  He'd much rather be playing his drums...which he has yet to set up.  He's been such a trooper.  There is something so appealing about seeing him on a ladder.  Got to say that is what "works" for me;)  It must be my love language.  Seeing him help me.  Love it! 

It's coming together.  We are progressing.  Even my dreams are mellowing out a bit.  When we first moved in every night I had dreams of vampires chasing me through the woods or lions attacking my tent.  WHAT??  Hmmmm...think there's a little anxiety there? 

Last night I just dreamed about my friend.  That's almost harder.  I miss the face to face connections the most.  I guess God knows that and gives me time with them in my dreams.  There could be worse vampires and lions;)  So grateful for how He's helping us.  Each and every day we are moving forward and habits are being made.  Routines are forming and it's getting easier.  Not too shabby for just one month in a foreign land.

Have a blessed day.

17.  getting things crossed off my to do list.
18.  IKEA
19.  little girls keeping me company.
20.  sunny days.
21.  dvr programs to watch with my peeps.
22.  sweet frog.
23. packages on my doorstep from precious friends.

Light fixture is from IKEA.
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