Wednesday, June 29, 2011

butterfly kisses

A few months ago Little Chick started a new bedtime ritual.  It came out of nowhere.  In addition to the turtle star nightlight, noisemaker, and air purifier she now surrounds herself with about a dozen of her sweet little stuffed animals.  Each one has it's own special assigned seating.

I have no idea how she falls asleep all smothered with those toys.  It makes me a little claustrophobic looking at her, but it must calm her and make her feel safe and that's a good thing.  She also needs her butterfly kisses before I leave the room.  I love the giggles that always come when my lashes touch her cheeks and vice versa.  It makes my day:)

We've been getting all our sleep overs and play dates in.  The girls seem to be taking this moving thing with such stride.  But it's the little things that come out that make me wonder.

The girls made goodbye books for each other.  When she read through the last pages I could see her eyes mist up and she quickly made her way to the bathroom.  Saying goodbye is hard no matter what the age.  It breaks my heart for them.  It's going to be good.  I know they will adjust and make friends in no time.  I'm really not worried.  I just wish this part was easier...and over.

Have a blessed day.

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