Friday, May 6, 2011

shifting gears

I've carried around a dream in my heart for the last year.  It involved chucking everything here and picking up with the fam and just living on the land all over Hawaii.  I knew buying a house was out of the question, but I thought a cute little camper or something mobile might work.  We could home school...honey could telecommute.  We could braid our hair and wear flip flops every single day.  What can I say???  I'm a dreamer:)

I know it's far fetched...crazy even.  We would drive each other bonkers in those close quarters. But the dream wouldn't die.  It wasn't until we went back this time that it finally did.  The more time I spent there, the more I realized I need people...activities.  A little hustle and bustle is good for me.  Maybe a different island would revive my dream, but for now I'm kind of glad it withered.  It was driving me crazy:)  When I get something in my mind it haunts me a bit.  Anyway I'm open to new dreams and that's powerful.

One thing hasn't changed.  I do want my daily existence to slow.  And by slow I mean learning to prioritize a bit better and take in the good things and let the bad GO.   I want to see the important.  The things that really matter, and pay no attention to the daily distractions that are just that...distracting.

We met a man on the beach as we were leaving.  He moved to the Big Island from Seattle 12 years ago, and as he pulled away we noticed he didn't rush home.  He stopped by the side of the road and waited.  His reward was God's artful masterpiece...a golden sunset:)  Just glimpsing into his world for a minute and watching him look for the beauty in life really touched my heart.

My girls are growing.  Moments come and go.  Every night as we tuck in and say bedtime prayers...the Lord whispers to me...another day just went by.  I'm keenly aware that I was just here.

Life is moving like the speed of a train and I'm hanging on for dear life.  Praying...pleading that the final destination is His will...that it's good.   

That every footstep is in the right direction.  That the path is straight and right where we are supposed to go.  I'm believing...trusting.  Scary as that is.  There's a new blank chapter coming, just waiting for us to fill in the pages. 

My eyes are peeled on the horizon in hopeful anticipation of another masterpiece.

Are you waiting on something too?

Have a blessed day.

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