Sunday, May 1, 2011

life's a beach

Ya ready to go to the beach??  Just looking at these pictures makes me ache for the sound of those waves and the smell of that salty air.  As I sit here typing the wind is whipping my wind chimes to smithereens.  It's 33 degrees out!  33 DEGREES on May 1st!  So needless to say the beach is a treat for this pasty white Minnesotan family. 

One of the misconceptions about the Big Island is that there are no good beaches.  I read this before I went and I have to admit even though they were debating that there were some awesome scared me a little bit.  Why would they have to debate that if it wasn't partially true?

Well we found some...really great one's.  This one is called Hapuna Beach and apparently it's been rated the nation's best beach.  So yay!  We're ready.

Key to getting your picture taken is offering to take someone else's picture first.  Then they are always so grateful and appreciative that they fall all over themselves to return the favor:)


When little chick was a just over a year we took her to a beach in North Carolina.  The first time she saw those waves and heard the crashing she covered her little eyes with her hands and was too scared to even look.  I'll never forget it.

I have this little habit of teasing my honey.  Trust me he dishes it right back.  Have you ever seen toes that long?  They are almost as long as my fingers.  So I call them fingers for toes.  It's my loving little pet name for his feet;)  Okay I guess looking at my toes they are pretty short and fat, so he could say something too.  But we won't focus on that:)

He just loves getting his picture taken too. 

Could boogie boarding be more fun?  Even I did it a little and I think I've told you a time or two how much the ocean freaks me out!  Luckily our place came with some so we didn't have to buy anything.

Honestly I was taking a picture of honey out there, but this guy is worth mentioning.  He was so funny.  He kept strutting back and forth up and down the beach.  He actually pulled his suit between his butt cheeks and swayed.  Need I say more.  Don't you just love people watching??!!

Speaking of butt cheeks...

Did you noticed I started watermarking my pics?  It finally happened.  Someone took my pictures and used them as their own:(  It totally creeped me out a bit...SO now I'm finally watermarking.  And you know what?  It's fun.  I love seeing my name on those pics.  Almost makes them seem like a piece of art or something.  Has this ever happened to you?  Do tell...

Have a blessed day.

**BTW...I used Picnik to watermark.  It's super easy and free.  Just go to the create section and then add text.  You can choose from all sorts of fonts, sizes and colors.  Have fun!
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