Tuesday, January 11, 2011

making it click

It's share your ugliest, scariest picture day on Farmgirl Paints...ha!  Just kiddin';)  But this is serious business.  Last week was my first camera class.  I took it with a friend.  Talk about overwhelming.  Just learning the lingo makes my head spin.  Our homework for the week was to play around with aperture.  It's the one thing that for some reason makes me the most confused.

So after devouring 4 different camera books...I'm still a little fuzzy, but I thought teaching someone else might make it clearer to me.  I am in no way an expert or probably ever will be, but I think this method of learning is the best.  Every week I will attempt to explain what I've learned.  Hope it doesn't bore you to death.  Maybe it will click for one person.  Oh and if you DO know what you are doing please please pipe in and help us all get it.

The aperture setting on my camera is called AV.  So I turn it to that setting and then I can play with the f/stop number.  The higher the number the sharper the picture.  Consequently the higher the number the smaller the little lens hole is that lets in light.  That's what gets me confused.  Everything is always opposites.  Why do they do that??  In this picture I must have had the f/stop number low because the foreground is really blurry.  The focus is on the distance shot. 

In this pic the little peeps are in focus and the distance is blurry.  The f/stop number must have been low...which mean the lens hole was really big, letting in a lot of light.  When you are in Aperture mode on your camera the shutter speed (I'll explain that later) will set for you automatically.  Which is nice, because I don't have a clue how to do both at once.  It is SOOO complicated.

BTW finally got all the Christmas stuff put away.  Can you say Hallelujah!!!  What a wonderful feeling.  I love having that behind me.  The house is all springy now, which is ironic because obviously spring is a million miles away from here. 

Hi baby...she's such a good sport.  Here the foreground and background are pretty much both in focus.  I must have had the f/stop number high.  Remember high number equals sharp total image.

Background is fuzzy.  F/number must have been low.  Does this make sense?  Did you happen to notice the candy??  We keep a really big jar of candy in the house year round.  All the Halloween, Valentine's day, Easter, birthday party junk etc...goes in that jar.  And for some reason none of us get into it.  I have no idea why.  Maybe because it's in our faces all the time and we just get used to it.  I like it looks pretty:) 

Oh and I wanted to mention my "5" plan.  I wasn't going to talk about it at all, but I feel the need for an update.  I've been following this plan since the first day of Jan. and up until today had only lost 1 pound.  I've been going to the gym or exercising at home faithfully, writing everything down, etc...and only one pound!!  It's really easy to get discouraged and want to give up.  Even though the scale wasn't saying anything my body was changing.  I could see it in my face...feel it in my waist.  When you are pretty close to your goal weight the changes are slower.  Don't give up.  All of a sudden today I dropped 2 more pounds.  Be patient.  You WILL reach your goal if you don't get sidetracked.

Have a blessed day.

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