Sunday, December 12, 2010


Good morning friends.  For all of you who wish you had snow...this is for you.  I wish I could scoop it all up and send it to you this morning.  We have more than enough to go around.  The news people here are calling it SNOWmaggedon.  Isn't that hilarious??  We had around 20" and with super low's the time I really have to put into practice that "suck it up" mentality my momma told me to have. 

This is our neighbor Chris.  Can't tell you how awful it is to be out there shoveling in this kind of weather.  It was extremely windy and so all your efforts are futile.  You shovel and then it's drifted over in no time at all.  A few years back we had a bad storm and it finally made us bite the bullet and we bought a snow blower.  Best purchase ever!  I remember crying and cursing and spitting while shoveling during that storm.

We were lucky that it fell during the weekend.  The kids had friends over.  They played most of the day in their pj's:)

And now it's over and the next few days are going to be brutal, 15-20 below wind chill.  Kind of sad that all that snow is going to waste.  Too cold for the kids to even play in it.  So if you are basking in some sun somewhere...please think of us;)

We'll be working on a puzzle...staying inside all cozy and warm.

OR not!  Poor things...

Have a blessed day.

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