Thursday, October 28, 2010

just grateful

I'm sitting here with a swirling steamy coffee by my side.  The geese are honking loudly overhead...flying North for some strange reason.  The furnace is whirring white noise in the background.  My computer overlooks the backyard and as I sit and conjure up my thoughts on the day, my view is rain soaked windows and naked trees whipping in the wind...evidence that winter is nippin' at our heels. 

I loved reading through all of your comments about fun wintry things to do.  You guys are brilliant and have given me some really great things to look forward to.  I incorporated a few of them last night.  It was extremely windy and that brings a drafty chill in our house, so I thought it was time to pull out the electric blanket:)  It's dual controlled, so I can be all toasty warm and Honey can have his side all icy for his extra warm body.  Why are men so hot?

I made yummy comforting goulash, lit a candle and pulled out my special socks;)  My momma blessed me with these super warm, super expensive socks when she was here and they are THE best.  So it's all good.

This was my view this morning.  Spittin' rain and snow...perfect day for a FIELD TRIP to the Arboretum.  Oh goodness!  I should be excited...this is fun right?? 

All I know is that being there means the world to my little chick and THAT means the world to me.  So we sat and learned all about pumpkins and then we had lunch at school and literally ate as fast as we possibly could.  Poor thing.  It's like speed eating.

But somewhere during the day as I was bumping along on the school bus, eyes closed trying to tune out the loud boy in front of me, or maybe it was when I was shoveling food in as fast as possible I realized it's not about me.  This day is for my sweet one.  I'm here for her. 

This is my life and the external conditions really don't matter at all...rain, sleet, snow, freezing cold, gloomy colorless days etc... they're not important.  My focus IS and I'm just so so grateful to be right here, right now... I love my life.

Have a blessed day.

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