Sunday, October 3, 2010

Garage door makeover

While my mom and dad are here I'm going to post some stuff I don't think a lot of you have seen.  This one is for Suzanne:)

All Summer
long I have wanted to redo my garage entry door. I saw it on Just a Girl  and I knew it was the one redo that I could fit in my schedule.


New and improved. I have to admit it was kind of a pain. I skipped the priming step, which was really silly of me! So I had to do several touch ups and then polyurethaned it several times, so the paint wouldn't come off. I got the vinyl letters from Shelley Smith of Wonderfully Wordy. It's one of the easiest and best redo's I've seen online. I LOVE love the look of it and it makes me happy every time I drive in my garage. Which is what a redo is about right??

Have a blessed day!

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