Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My magic paint wand

Do you ever say yes...when you really want to say no??   One of my least favorite things to do is furniture.  However there is a satisfaction in taking something ugly and making it look new.  That's about the only fun thing in it though:) 

My friend Missy asked me to redo her son's bedroom furniture.  It was your basic oak paneled 1970's variety...oh and throw in a streetside piece of crap desk and there you have it:)  Wave your magic paint wand and make it sparkle...ha!  Normally I get really nervous.  I am not a detail person EXCEPT when I do work for someone else and then I'm a crazy perfectionist.  But doing it for friends who love me and have complete faith in me made all the difference.  I didn't totally stress out.

Doesn't that look daunting!!!

So I got busy sanding, priming, filling, painting, painting, distressing and sealing...whew!  And oh the sweet reward is finally seeing...

the finished product.  All sparkly and just like new.  It was almost worth it!

Have a blessed day.

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