Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fair days

Ahhh the last few glorious days of summer.  We always make time for our county fair.  It's just the right size.  Not too crowded...offers all we, farm critters and lots of fun.  I think the fair is the epitome of small town USA.  I can just hear all the little bells ringing and the whir of the rides, the smell of mud and earth and manure....mmmm good.  Oh and you can't forget the deep fried goodness.  Makes me happy just thinking about it:)

The last couple of years we've incorporated a new tradition.  We love going to the demolition derby.

Oh the excitement of watching cars and trucks ram into each other.  The crowd oohing and ahhing...mud flying through the air...ear piercing revving and crashing.  It's just the best!

If you've never been before... the last man standing (still running) wins!  These poor cars are just annihilated. 

The best part for me are all the farm critters.  I have to admit looking at the pigs was really making me rethink my pork burger earlier;)  Clean eating goes out the window at the fair.  We shove as much crap as possible into our mouths...knowing that this blissful window of opportunity is only a once a year event.

We do try to get in a few veggies though...HA!

The derby was interrupted by a rain storm.  Imagine the smell and mess then.  We all stood under a carney's tent for a long time...contemplating what we would do with all our ride tickets.  The favorite thing...was closed because of the rain.  Major bummer!  We still let our girls ride the rides...even in the rain.

Every year I look at Honey and we question how much longer they will be satisfied with just us.  When will the shift happen??  You know when it's not cool to be at the fair with the family.  When only friends will make them happy.  Not sure, but I know I'm enjoying every second with my family right this bubble.  Don't you sometimes just wish you could slow down time:)

Have a blessed day.

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