Sunday, June 20, 2010

The sitter's spell

Apparently I can be a little babysitters;)  A few weeks ago I went to pick up a sitter for our girls.  It was the night of the Charity fundraiser thing.  I'd never met her before, so I was a little nervous.  When I'm nervous I talk...A LOT.  Silence makes me uncomfortable and this girl was super quiet.  So somehow with my endless blabbering I ended up telling her I flunked my driver's license test when I was 16.  Within a minute or so of telling her this (and then reassuring her I was a great driver) I pulled right out in front of a truck and got honked at!  Needless to say I was slightly mortified.

{I tried to find my driver's license picture from when I was 16.  No luck.  I'm still hunting.  I've saved them all.  You would just die...laughing.  Anyway these are a few from Sat. night.}

Well Saturday Honey and I had another date night.  We went to dinner and a movie.  Driving her home afterwards there was just awkward dead silence.  We're talking crickets;)  So in my flustered state I accidentally made a wrong turn and ended up driving her into a neighborhood she didn't live in.  Instead of saying anything she just sat there.  I finally figured out my mistake and got her home, but I'm thinking am I that she afraid to talk to me or what!??  I have to admit teenagers kind of intimidate me a little too.  I think I babble because I'm trying to convince her I'm cool or something.  The thing is I still feel like the babysitter.  Sometimes I can't believe I'm the almost 40 year old adult with kids and a mortgage.  How did that happen?   

Have a blessed day.

Oh and I wanted to thank you for your awesome response to my last post.  It was so reassuring to hear a lot of you say you felt the same way.  I put my little follower free girl on my sidebar.  If any of you want her too help yourself:)  I love you girlies!
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