Sunday, June 13, 2010

In with the NEW

You know how there is that one thing that you've dreamed of for a really long time? It may be a trip to Paris or camera or granite counter tops. It's just that thing that you've thought of over and over again. Well for Honey his dream came true this weekend:)

After years of wanting a black car he finally got his wish:) It was time. His old Nissan Ultima had tons of miles on it. We've had it since Big Chick was wee little. So we packed up the kiddos...said our (pretend) tearful goodbyes to the old and welcomed in the new.

Could he look any happier? I thought his face might freeze that way;) It was a glorious moment. I kind of chuckled to myself on the inside. It was so nice to see him that happy. We had the car (Hyundai Sonota) ordered in from another state, so he hadn't actually seen it in person. But it lived up to his ideal...that's always a good thing.

I hate admitting this, but for some reason I felt extremely irritable and depressed all day long. Even today I feel icky on the inside. I can't blame hormones. All I can think of is the lack of sunshine we've been having lately. I soooo feel for all my Pacific Northwest friends. Can you have SAD in the summer? Is that even possible? Or maybe it's the humidity and what it's doing to my hair that's making me down...ha;) Not sure, but I'm definitely in a funk. HATE that.

chick started a 5th and 6th grade youth group at church this morning. That's weird for me. Seems like yesterday I was in youth group. That's where I met Honey. Strange. Isn't she cute in her "glasses"?? When I was growing up I used to put a frilly petticoat slip thing on my hair and pretend that I had long flowing locks. Oh the good ol' days. Did you do stuff like that too??

Have a blessed day.

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