Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Dream Squasher

Honey and I have a made up word...dream squasher.  It's just like what it says.  Someone who stomps on your ideas and completely belittles your hopes and dreams.  Oh so not a good thing.  We made up this word because over the many years we've been married we've obviously shared a lot of dreams and ideas with each other.  Some have been great and others not so great.  For the most part we share the same enthusiasm for things.  But every now and then one of us will be guilty of being a dream squasher

Case in point.  I was just dreaming out loud the other night.  Saying wouldn't it be great if someday we could move to Maui.  You all know how much I LOVE Hawaii:)  He quickly said...well that will never happen.  Nothing like the word never to completely deflate you.  Just having it uttered into the universe seems almost sinful because well... you just never know.  Life is unpredictable at times and I tend to believe that anything is possible.  In all fairness it probably never will happen, but I kind of have a rule to never say never.  There is thing that happens in me too...when someone says never.  It makes me want it even more.  Then I start concocting all kinds of plans to make it happen.  I guess determination sets in and I want to prove that person wrong.

Our conversation made me think of other dreams I staying busy creating and selling my stuff on Etsy.  My girls will both be in school full time this year.  It's crazy that the day is finally approaching.  I've always had a little bubble of fear in the back of my mind saying...what's next?  I've always tried to ignore it and to just trust that when the time came the Lord would take care of it.  And I know He will, but I still want to get in there and figure it all out.  When will I ever learn to just surrender?:)

Have a blessed day.

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