Friday, April 30, 2010

Beach bravery:)

The beach is generally not my favorite thing to do. I really don't like sand stuck to me or the messiness of it all. I can be a worrier with my girls around the ocean. It scares me a bit! But I do love to watch and listen to the waves, so that's worth the discomfort.

We found the most beautiful beach...DT Fleming. It was like a little bit of paradise.

We came a couple of different days. It was OUR beach. The kids staked their claim. It was just beautiful. There was kind of a jungle like lookout that had a beautiful view and that's where we ate our lunch.

It just seemed very Hawaiian to me. Here's the guard shack complete with rescue vehicles and lifeguards. I get impressed so easily:)

was also pretty private. It was kind of enclosed a little with a rocky enclave on one side and a cliff on another. Not many people were there, so it felt nice.

sand castles with daddy.

waves and current were really really strong. They had caution signs posted. It was also pretty windy the days we hit this beach, so the wind would pick up the fine sand and pelt us...ouch. Even though it wasn't was so much fun. Not going to let a little painful sand bring down my Hawaiian high:)

My girls were really good about not going out too deep and taking care of each other. They always held hands. It was a relief to not worry about them.

Look at this action shot. Could they be having any more fun??

As I was watching Honey with the girls I kept thinking this is so similar to how God protects us. Our human nature is to push the envelope, to want to try dangerous things or see how far we can go sometimes. And He's there to hold our hand...protect us and pull us back when it gets too deep or the "current" gets too strong. It really moved me to think of my heavenly Father's love and how much watching over us He does. I think He was trying to teach me some things.

Me and my babe. Isn't he a cutie??

Okay I have a little confession. I have never in all my life worn a bikini. Not even as a child. I've always been really modest and well chicken... I guess. But after months of working out and eating clean I thought I should try being a little BRAVE and get it over with. So...


Oh my gosh I can't believe I am putting this on the Internet. I've lost my mind!!!!

We found these really cool rocks to one side of the beach and set off to explore. It was just beautiful. The roar of the waves crashing on the rocks and the beauty of them glistening in the sun. I could have sat there all day just thanking the Lord for His creation and reflecting on all He has blessed me with. That's what the ocean does for makes me grateful!

our play was over the work Oh the mess of it all. None of us like being sandy. I think as the week went by I began getting used to it. It's a matter of letting go and not caring and that's a gift Hawaii teaches you. To relax, unwind and hang loose:)

I go back please?? I'd take a little sand right now!

Have a blessed day.

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