Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Being on top:)

just wanted to say hi!

I have a very vivid memory from when I was a little girl. I was in maybe third grade and we had a was a bottle cap contest. Whoever brought in the most bottle caps won a pizza party or something for their class. Well my dad worked somewhere with a pop machine and I had access to tons and tons of bottle caps, so I won this for my class...YIPPEE! I remember I got to climb on top of a huge pile of bottle caps and get my picture taken. It was a proud moment.

Ever since my chicks started school I have been faithfully cutting out Box Tops and Campbell soup labels. A whole bag might add up to $5.00 or so, but nevertheless I trim and save each one:) I never could figure out why I had this compulsion... until that memory came back to me. I want my kids to be sitting on top, winning a party for their class. So imagine my surprise when the school announced a pizza party for the class that brings in the most labels. I am so on it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all my hard work will pay off;)

Do you have any weird quirky things that you do?

Have a blessed day.

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