Monday, January 25, 2010

Golden girl

Just when you thought you'd seen it all...I take a picture of myself naked:o Well almost:) I decided this week that I just couldn't stand the white skin anymore. Seriously there is something about a tan that just makes you feel better about yourself. It's an illusion I know, but it made me even feel warmer:)

Remember that Friend's episode where Ross gets triple sprayed??
I always think of that:)

tan solution of choice is the spray tan. There are definite pros and cons. The pros being an almost instant bronzy glow, no UV skin damage and much less time and energy spent. The negatives...super cold mist sprayed all over your body!!! It only lasts a week and it can look really weird on your hands and feet.

My feet always get super dark and the bottoms are stained. It doesn't bother me in the winter, but in the summer I have to wear little booties. My hands look almost crackled. I haven't figured out how to avoid this. You have to put on a barrier cream and maybe I'm doing it wrong, I'm not sure.

Sorry about the no makeup, but this is the after. You really can't tell a lot from this photo. But for a few days I don't need any foundation and I love that. Have you ever tried spray tanning??

Have a blessed day.

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