Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fun without the sun!

We just got home from an exhausting, but fun day. We went to the Water Park of America with Big Chick's Girl Scout troop. It's the largest indoor water park in America. YIPPEE!!

It felt like it was 80 degrees in there and all the water noise made Honey and I more than a little tired. I came home feeling like I spent about 4 hours in a sauna, but it was good for the family.

The big family raft slide was 10 stories high, so needless to say we got a little workout in also:) As soon as we started going down the slide, the raft turned with me going backwards. I hate that!! So I couldn't see what was coming and I got a little motion sick:O

Gearing up for fun.

it was all said and done, I guess we don't have to have warm weather to have some good family fun:) What family fun stuff do you do to pass the cold months??

Have a blessed day.

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