Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Game ON!

Thank heavens the long holiday weekend is over. As much fun as it is to be lazy and relax, feast on wonderful food and take a breathier, for me getting back into a routine is where I do best. I ate pie...lots and lots of pie! I didn't cook one meal besides the big turkey dinner. We ate leftovers and snacked. Not the best plan for success when you have goals.

(a little frame I made for myself...with a very unflattering pic. honey took of me:O)

A light bulb moment clicked for me this past week. My honey said to me, "Are you taking care of yourself?" I can honestly say no. For some reason I have gotten pushed off to the side and have not focused a whole lot of energy on my well being. Part of the problem with my follow through, on this 21 day challenge has been the complete lack of a game plan. If I craved sugar I didn't really have a plan B to help me cope. I didn't really think any of it through. So here is my revised 21 day challenge. This is MY plan...not saying it's for you:)

My more specific goals:)

1.) No sugar in the form of sweets...candy, cake, ice cream, cookies etc...

If a temptation comes and it will...chew sugar free gum, jump on elliptical machine, pray:), drink a glass of water or skim milk, eat an apple etc... just don't give in! The cravings will pass.

2.) No diet soda! Drink tea, water, Crystal light, milk or coffee

3.) Exercise every day. Go to gym and do a long run 3x's a week with weights. Take one class. If you can't make it to the gym, do it at home!

4.) Read bible every day. Keep it by the bed and read for a few minutes before you turn out the lights. If you are too tired at night, do it first thing in the morning so you don't get too busy and forget.

I'm looking at this challenge like a wrestling match or championship football game. GAME ON! Today is December 1st. When we do will be completed right before Christmas...perfect timing:) I know I can do it and so can you! Are you still with me?

Have a blessed day.

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