Monday, November 9, 2009

The new j.o.b.

Today we played hookey from church and took a little fieldtrip to downtown Minneapolis to see where Honey's new office is. He's been getting adjusted to a new job with a much longer commute and bigger stress load. Thank you Lord for this new job!

We had to warm up his space with some pictures and plants.

The girls were so impressed with the city and his office.
They think "dad is cool" ... so do I.

It's not easy pushing yourself out of your comfort zone...doing things that make you uncomfortable. Growth and change are hard...remember the butterfly? Well that's what Honey is right now...a caterpillar wrapped in a confining shell. He's in the transformation stage. The cocoon is isolating, painful and scary, but so worth it. The thing is I can't even help him right now. This is something he has to work out on his own.

been years since I've worked outside the home. If I was to have his job, with his workload, this room is where I would want to spend all my time...the comfort room:)

And this chair would be my safe space...ha:) Why is it when we feel overwhelmed we just want to run away??

Thank you babe for not running away:)

I'm so proud of you.

Have a blessed day.

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