Thursday, August 27, 2009

Destination unknown

This has been a hard few months for us. I've posted recently about our unanswered prayers and the waiting. Well we are in the final stages of that and hopefully an answer is on it's way. The stress of waiting becomes almost unbearable at times and has lately become manifested in physical ailments. Honey is having horrible neck and back pain and I have had the worst PMS of my life this week. My emotions are just raw and I feel like my skin is crawling with irritation. Isn't that a lovely picture?? And here you all thought of me as so sweet and lovely...well let me tell you PMS and stress DO NOT mix well.

I know I should be casting my care and just giving it over to God. But to be honest I'm tired. Tired of thinking about this and tired of "it" being the center of our daily conversations and focus. It is time for the answer. I mean it God!! Did I just get stern with God? No not really, and besides He understands our frustration. Human beings can only stand so much right??

Anyway if
you think about it just continue to lift us up. I know most of you don't know details and I am not at liberty to share those yet, but maybe when it's all resolved. Thank you again sweet blogging friends. You provide me daily with doses of encouragement and support that mean the world to me. Do I sound like a broken record yet?

OH and I about forgot...I signed up for Brave Girl Camp this week. I am going to Idaho in October for an art retreat!! It sounds absolutely amazing. Talk about a God thing. When I read about it on Jeanne's blog, I felt my heart race. You know the butterflies you get in your stomach...that was my sign, I just knew this camp was for me. There is a recurring theme in my life lately and it's "Be Brave"! So God must be trying to get my attention. Can't wait to see what He's trying to teach me.

If you want to come along check out this site...there still may be a few spots available,
oh and you don't need to be an "artist" to go.

Maybe God wants to teach you the same thing;)

Have a blessed day.

Photo Credit: Flickr - youngadultcrisishotline, Brave Girl Camp
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