Tuesday, August 11, 2009

County Fair

For the last few years we have opted for the County fair versus the much larger State fair. Either way they both offer what we want...lots of fun, food and farm animals.

I LOVE all the farm animals. It's a great way to expose your kiddos to farm life without having to shovel the poop and take care of the critters. They sure are cute:)

favorite ride at the fair. The "FUN SLIDE". Don't they look like they're having fun? Honestly Big Chick is to the point where she wants to ride more "dangerous" rides and Honey and I just can't. We are the lame old folks that don't ride the fun rides anymore because we would be throwing up in the bushes!! Poor kids. Maybe next year we'll have to bring a friend.

Honey can't even ride the Ferris wheel because he gets vertigo...seriously! I had to brave it:)

Really the best part of the fair is the once a year that we splurge with every buttery, finger lickin' good food item that we can find and then shove it in our faces!! HA:)

So approximately 2 hours, $110 and 3,000 calories later we had our fair fix for the year. Memories precious memories...

Have a blessed day.

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