Friday, June 5, 2009

Change is Hard!

Today was Big Chick's last day of school. I was anxiously awaiting her return home from school with camera in hand. I could tell she was upset immediately and then I saw her face...

Ohhh baby! I knew today might be hard for her. She was saying goodbye to her teachers and most of her long-time friends and the school she has known for three years. Due to a boundary change she has to switch schools next year. She ran upstairs into her room and she cried and cried...and I cried too. Change is hard and saying goodbye is so painful.

So to cheer her up we all got out of the house tonight and went to see the movie UP.

The movie was definitely not what I was expecting. It showed a man's journey from childhood, through his life with his beloved wife and then into old age without her. My honey is super sensitive to anything relating to life and death since his dad died a little over a year ago, so we were both sniffling a little, but the message was wonderful. In a nutshell it relayed that we should enjoy the every day "boring" stuff because there lies our adventure. Even when life changes and doesn't go as planned, look ahead and enjoy your new path.

I thought that message fitting because life is so full of change whether it be a new school, a move, a new job, loss of a loved one etc... you just never know what new thing awaits you. But if we allow God to do a work in us and help us adjust to the "new" there surely lies a great reward.

Have a blessed day!

Photo Courtesy: Disney/Pixar - Up movie poster
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