Monday, March 2, 2009

After the final rose FIASCO!!

What the???
Every year my husband and I watch The Bachelor. There was the year that Brad Womak didn't choose either girl and then there was the Bachelorette that did the same thing and I vowed never to watch again. Well every year I get sucked in again and this year was a doosy. I've spent how many weeks watching this man (Jason Mesnick) dote on all these women? He had me actually believing that he was a sweet sincere sensitive guy. That was until he proposed to Melissa for the finale and then 6 weeks later broke up with her on the After the Final Rose show and said he wanted back with Molly. What a royal jerk!! I am so disgusted right now that I just had to vent. Poor Melissa! How humiliating and embarrassing. I mean minutes before I was in happy for them. Imagine how she feels. Couldn't he have picked a better time? Oh well I guess that will teach me watching "reality" television is probably not the best idea. Now if only I didn't like it so much:)
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