Saturday, February 14, 2009

Special Person's Day & Jump Rope for Heart

Lots of activities last week at school for the girls. Little Chick had "Special Person Day" and I was her person:) I think it was a really cool idea where the kids get to share their day with a special grown up..very sweet.
We played with play-dough (cherry flavored with glitter added), painted pictures, read stories, sang, danced and of course ate yummy heart shaped cookies.

Play Dough Recipe:
1 Cup flour
1/2 Cup salt
2 Tablespoons cream of tarter
Mix these three ingredients.
Mix 1 cup water with 1 Tbsp. oil and Kool Aid or food coloring. Kool Aid adds smell as well as color. Blend the wet and dry, cook over medium heat and knead when necessary. You can also make it by adding boiling water to the dry ingredients and then knead - no cooking necessary.
Big Chick had Jump Rope for Heart. This is a fund raising event for the American Heart Association. The kids all take turns jumping rope for a minute a piece for an hour. Lots of kids, very packed, sweaty and noisy...but fun and for a great cause. My dad has had heart problems, so it's something we feel strongly about.
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